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This combination wrench cuff is made of 925 fine sterling silver, cool wrench bracelet.The cuff is hand forged, then polished, oxidized and brushed for unique look.

Wrist size-One size: L/XL size - 15.5 cm / 6 Inches

Sizes are measured from end to end of the cuff, so if you measure your wrist circumference, cuff size would be about 1.5-3.3 cm less, feet for 17-18.8 cm / 7-8 inches wrist circumference.Measurements: Width of the Bangle is 9 mm & the Width of the Wrench centered 31 mm , 2 mm thickness ,39 gr.



Wrench bracelet, spanner silver bracelet, biker bracelet

$420.00 Regular Price
$378.00Sale Price
size: One size: L/XL size - 15.5 cm / 6 Inches
  • I can assure every costumer that everything I sell will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. In any case of a problem with your jewelry, it can be mailed back to my studio for examination. If the problem turns out to be from a manufacturing issue, I will repair or replace the item without any additional charge.

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