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This cool wrench chain bracelet with heavy link & piston clasped made of oxidized 925 fine sterling silver.

Width Size: 0.36" / 0.9 cm
Length Sizes:
7.5 in - 19 cm - 57 grams
8.1 in - 20.5 cm - 64 grams
8.7 in - 22 cm - 71 grams
9.3 in - 23.5 cm - 77 grams
9.9 in -25 cm - 83 grams

Sizes are measured from end to end of the bracelet, so if you measure your wrist circumference, recommended size would be about 2 cm more, for example, if your wrist circumference is about 19 cm, choose 21 cm.
If you like a tighter fit around your wrist, go up about 2 cm, if you like it loose, go up about 3 cm.

If you a different size, please message me.


if the jewelry is not your size let me know on message and I will add or reduce links

wrench chain bracelet, silver Motorcycle guy jewelry

$440.00 Regular Price
$389.00Sale Price